About us

     True Beauti LLC has one mission: Customer satisfaction. True Beauti Cosmetics brings quality to your convenience. All our products are Talc and Paraben free, made in the USA, and are FDA approved. We offer customizable makeup pallets with your choice of products and colors. Our products include everything from Lip sticks to setting sprays to eyeshadow just to name a few. Our color selection gives you the choice to create any look.

     We have a commitment to finding each customer inner beauty. We promote freedom from today’s definition of beauty. Its where the "I" in Beaut"i" comes into play. With True Beauti we celebrate and exploit inner happiness, beauty, and confidence by bringing it to light with a touch of True Beauti Cosmetics.

    True Beauti starts with "I." Our goal is to bring high quality cosmetics to everyone and anyone. We have a wide range of products stemming from eye colors, eye illuminators to lip slick. What distinguishes True Beauti Cosmetics from other beauty advisory companies is the time and effort we dedicate to understanding our client needs and our proven ability to work professionally and efficiently. We value our clients and will go the extra distance to assure every client is satisfied.




 Please come see us!

1269 Johnson Ferry RD.                                                                                         Atlanta GA 30068                                                                                                  (678) 667-6786