About us

Hello, hope all is well!  To whomever it may concern.  A little about me.  I've spent 20+ years in the military as a Geospatial Engineer (12Y). I have come to the time in my life where it is time to make a change and transition out of the Military.  As my comrades and battle buddies know this is a huge step especially if you don't have a job lined up.  That would be me.  I've submitted my resume via numerous job sites and instead of just waiting I've decided to be active and take the initiative as the Army has taught me.  So here I am.  With a laptop, my motivation, and the willingness to learn and not be afraid to fail.  I've started a small drop-shipping online business that I hope with dedication and valued customers will grow into something lucrative and sustainable.  After which I would in return teach and show my fellow veterans who are in the same situation that I find myself in currently.



Terrance and Rashanda Sherman